obey the brave (by nunosaqueferreira)

Not to talk about my ratties all the time but I’m just so happy I don’t have to fucking feel the heartache of giving them away and thank god Kyle convinced MEEE so it can’t bite me in the ass later on. It’s his fault lol.

All I know is I don’t care about getting anything for my birthday but money so I can buy them the most wonderful cage I’ve ever seen in mah life. I wanted to see Rob Zombie with Kyle, but that can happen later. I wanted a vape pen, but I don’t need one or have horrible cravings for one so that will come around whenever. And the septum clicker I want is like 25 bucks so that’s no biggy, either.

But if I’m gonna not be a shitty parent and whatnot I need to put that first before anything so I don’t have to worry about my rats like, ever again. Aghhhhh it’s so pretty I can’t wait to have it.

I hate that I keep finding these beautiful reception venues then I dig deeper into info and there’s a bajillion horrible ratings and not worth the money to book them. Is it so hard to find a nice venue with nice employees where I won’t go broke?


rip Blackie

Kent Willfred.

✞ oh truth and nothing but the truth